Earth, calling Lucille!

There have been a million times I have felt guilty for letting this blog stay dormant, for the pages to stay barren, for my thoughts – yearning for a chance to be penned down- die a slow, painful, silent death.

What’s my excuse to be away from the one thing that truly drives me?

Busyness. (eeks!)

Maybe the intensity of my desire to write wasn’t strong enough to draw me here.
But today, something, or rather – someone did.

I’m back, and I’m here to stay.

Hello, Lucille!
Welcome back :)
You have been missed, terribly.


A Writer’s World!

A world where words come alive.
A world where stories are brewed.
A world where everyday instances become larger than life.
A world that’s better than reality.
A world that allows you to get through almost anything.
Rejection. Heartbreak. Grief. Loss. Pain. Solitude. Loneliness. Self-doubt.
A world that allows you to celebrate almost anything.
Undiluted happiness. Hope. Success. Love.
A world that does not question you.
A world that does not judge you.
A world that does not limit you, bind you, hold you down.
A world that has undying love for you.
A world that you can call your own.
A world so private, yet so revealing.
A world that you trust, when all else fails.
A world that surprises you.
A world that introduces you to the ‘real’ you.
A world that allows you to soak in the sheer joy of pen and paper… or fingertips on keyboard.
A world that allows you to celebrate almost any though that pops into your head.
A world that makes you believe ‘anything is possible’
A world that loves you for who you are.
A world that makes you territorial and possessive… locking out every uninvited guest.

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve been invited into a writer’s world…. it’s one of the most magical places you could ever visit.