That Look!


The way you look at me. That soft look, that sense of pride, that I’m all yours. All my time, just for you. That everyone ceases to exist when you’re around. That look. That satisfied grin. That beaming smile. Do you even know what that does to me? Let me tell you.

It stirs something inside of me. Fluttering in my belly. My heart jumps like crazy. I can feel the colour rising in my cheek.
And while I’m trying to calm my body down, and focus on making conversation with you, my mind finds something else about you to distract me.

Like the way your hair curls at the nape of your neck. It’s so cute, I want to reach out and twirl it. *snap snap*

Please don’t ever stop looking at me like that. Even when I’m 60, gray, with gaps in my smile.
I’m sure you’ll still have the same effect on me, after all those years.

Here’s to that look! ;)


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