Love Infinite.

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You & I.
We are like the ocean and its shore. 

Have you ever noticed them?
Or their love story?

Their love is infinite.

Yet, they never fail to give themselves to each other.
The waves, bracing themselves for those few seconds when they finally kiss the shore.

The shore, patiently waiting on every ebb and flow. Breaking into a million pieces as the water slowly traces its steps back. Only to return a few minutes later.

They know they can never be together forever. They soak themselves in the love they receive, whenever they receive it.
Not asking for anything more. No promises, no commitment.
Just an understanding that when they meet, life will be beautiful again.

Their love isn’t selfish, or demanding.
Their love isn’t restrictive or punishing.
Just a series of beautiful kisses,
For eternity.

Do you think we could be like that, forever?



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