Sssshhhh, Heart! 

sad-girl-pictures 3The silence between us, it’s killing me. It’s not the one where we blissfully soak in each other’s company.

It’s the ‘forced, well-thought-of, decision-taken-by-the-mind’ silence.

But what do I do about this crazy heart which is dying to ask you just one simple thing, “how are you, darling?”


That Look!


The way you look at me. That soft look, that sense of pride, that I’m all yours. All my time, just for you. That everyone ceases to exist when you’re around. That look. That satisfied grin. That beaming smile. Do you even know what that does to me? Let me tell you.

It stirs something inside of me. Fluttering in my belly. My heart jumps like crazy. I can feel the colour rising in my cheek.
And while I’m trying to calm my body down, and focus on making conversation with you, my mind finds something else about you to distract me.

Like the way your hair curls at the nape of your neck. It’s so cute, I want to reach out and twirl it. *snap snap*

Please don’t ever stop looking at me like that. Even when I’m 60, gray, with gaps in my smile.
I’m sure you’ll still have the same effect on me, after all those years.

Here’s to that look! ;)

Love Infinite.

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You & I.
We are like the ocean and its shore. 

Have you ever noticed them?
Or their love story?

Their love is infinite.

Yet, they never fail to give themselves to each other.
The waves, bracing themselves for those few seconds when they finally kiss the shore.

The shore, patiently waiting on every ebb and flow. Breaking into a million pieces as the water slowly traces its steps back. Only to return a few minutes later.

They know they can never be together forever. They soak themselves in the love they receive, whenever they receive it.
Not asking for anything more. No promises, no commitment.
Just an understanding that when they meet, life will be beautiful again.

Their love isn’t selfish, or demanding.
Their love isn’t restrictive or punishing.
Just a series of beautiful kisses,
For eternity.

Do you think we could be like that, forever?


Those Nights

Daytime. That’s easy. The constant buzz. The never-ending task list. The unexpected projects. There are a million ways to keep myself busy. To keep my mind off you.

It’s the nights that worry me.

When I’m longing to know how you’ve been. What went on in your day. Hoping you didn’t have a stressful one.

Are you thinking about me too? Were you distracting yourself too, all day? Am I on your mind right now? At this very moment? Are you wondering if I’m lying in my bed, twiddling my thumbs, dying to ping you, to reach out to you?

Well, I’m doing exactly that. I know you are too.

Curiosity finally gets the better of me. I messaged you. Waiting for your reply felt like eternity.

We chatted all night. I went off to sleep with the phone in my hand, and a smile on my face.

I woke up to notifications on the home screen. My heart skipped a beat seeing your name on my phone.

“I love you, baby”


I melted.

The day begins, again!