Literary Lapses ~ Tamarind Rice

Ok. It’s official. I love Tamarind Rice. The eating kind? Hell yeah! But no, this is the literary kind.
I still remember the first time I contemplated writing for Tamarind Rice. The name itself, and the quirky descriptions for Nirali, Harshika and Karishma were enough to draw me in. And since then, the love affair with this warm, affectionate bunch of people, stirring up awesome content for hungry readers, has been an awesome one.


Their meet-ups are always so genuine, so heartfelt. Their love for words is so refreshing, and it was only apt that this meet up (aptly titled Literary Lapses) was held at M-Cubed – a much cooler name for Maharashtra Mitra Mandal Library, one that I did not even know existed in Bandra! :)

My eyes travelled across the room, and took in as many book titles I could, before the introductions and activities began.

First up, they gave us the oddest pairings we’d ever come across and asked us to imagine how their ‘first meeting’ (Meet Cute) would be. I got Draupadi & Poonam Pandey, and here’s how they met!

Coalescing Quotes: where they asked us to guess the famous quotes, and then weave a story around the two quotes we picked.

Show-Off Moment: where they put the spotlight on their regular contributors, and had them share the best stories they had submitted.
I got to read my first ever attempt at horror writing: Midnight Wishes 

Blind Date with Books: where we were asked not to judge a book by its cover. And I did exactly that. And got exactly the opposite :P


I made new friends, met some old ones, got friends to meet this mad gang, took a lot of selfies with them, and spent a beautiful afternoon surrounded by words (& wordsmiths).

Thank you Tamarind Rice, each interaction with you is even more flavourful than before.



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