BF: do we have to pick between best friend or boyfriend?

I didn’t think there was any truth in the belief that ‘a girl and a guy can never be JUST friends’.

We were inseparable.
We always had something to talk about.
The incessant chatter, the never ending gossip sessions… that zoned out the entire group.
Only we understood each other jokes, completed each other’s sentences.

We were happy in our little world.
Even though the world wanted to label this as something ‘special’

To me, and to his parents,
I was always like the daughter they yearned for.

We happily laughed at how the world was so petty and shallow.
How our friendship was special, because it didn’t follow the typical pattern.

Until one day, that nagging thought finally crept into his mind.
He wondered as to how the WHOLE world saw ‘something’, and we didn’t.
Were we closing our eyes to a possible romance that could be eternal?

He compelled me to think.
And I did, for his sake. For the sake of our friendship.
I was shattered, that he asked me to.
That it came down to this.

There was only one way to know.
I let my imagination come to my rescue.
I closed my eyes and imagined him closing in on my lips.
Just the thought of it repulsed me.
My lips expressed my disgust.

We decided to never talk about it again. And just be friends.
But that was the problem, we were just that. Could we now ever be friends?


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