Best friends, not really best with ‘trust’!

The rains in South Mumbai gave no indication of the impending deluge in the suburbs.
It was only when our college asked us to head home did I realise things were getting serious.

She had to leave for classes.
I asked her to head to Marine Drive Railway Station and see how things were.
I did not have a mobile phone back then.

2 options.
I told her if things were bad, come back to college… we would get through this together.
Or in about 10 minutes, I would call her from a PCO and join her wherever she was.

She did not return as planned. I thought maybe the trains were running.
I decided to call her.

Turns out, things were bad.
I could hear the roaring of a bus engine, though.
She’d taken off.

I reached home after a whole 24 hours of bad thoughts and shaken nerves.
That night, the high tide waters swept away a chunk of my trust.
Things would never be the same again.


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