Gift in the Cemetery

This post has been written for me, by a friend, a fellow writer, my ex-boss (but never felt like one). The incidents mentioned in the narration are true, some of it a lil dramatic… some metaphorical. But yes, this did happen. And it has been captured very well by Sanket Mhatre. You really do have a way with words, Sanket! Thank you for this :)

“What the fuck are we doing here at night?” I asked, taking in the cold, dark cemetery that lay before us near St. Andrews Church in Bandra. It was my 30th birthday. I had decided to make up for a huge fight with Lucille. In that instant, I knew I made a mistake. This could be her revenge.   

“Isn’t it awesome?” Lucille was strangely excited about this little detour.    

“No. It isn’t.” This was turning weirder than I expected. I remembered all the plot lines of Zee Horror Show. I shuddered.  

Lucille stopped at a grave. The slab was quite old and eaten away by years so you could barely read the letters. I strained but then thought better of it.

“Hi Dad,” Lucille waved at the grave.

“Was he buried here?” I tried striking a conversation just to shake off my fear. She was silent. I thought she might start some crazy chant any minute.

“Meet Sameer. He’s my best friend. We haven’t spoken for a year.  Actually, we had a huge fight. But all’s well now. It’s his birthday today. And he decided to meet me. Isn’t that cool? I thought you should meet him too. He’s stupid, but fun.”

“There was no need for that last bit of trivia. Spare him that at least,” I muttered.

She turned and looked at me. I have never seen Lucille look at me completely for more than 0.5 seconds.  

“You were lonely, weren’t you?”

For some reason, I wanted to shout the loudest. Instead I remained transfixed and silent.

“This is your gift. Our new relationship. I know, this shall stay forever,” she said smiling.

We walked away without a word. Something within fluttered. I got a gift of life amongst what the world calls dead.

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