A kiss to build a dream on!

Your soft kisses left a delicate trail against my skin, and my mind. When I brush my hand against those spots, I can vividly relive those tender moments. Especially that balmy afternoon, that showed me a side of you I’ll never forget!

I loved the way you looked at my neck longingly, like as if you were seeking its permission to conquer it, to consume it. It was yours to take anyway… all yours. Every inch of my flesh quivered under your touch…anxiously waiting to feel your sweet lips work its way on the nape of my neck. And as you began tracing your lovemarks there, your grizzly cheeks complimented your pursuit, as they etched a different story on my skin, sending little shots of delight down my spine!

You started off slowly, afraid that you might break me. Like how a gush of wind might destroy a delicate rose in one sweep. And that’s exactly how I wanted to feel… destroyed, yet secure, in your arms. Only you could make me feel that. Your kissing got stronger, your breathing got harder, creating sweet music in my ears… ah, such sweet music! You wanted more, I wanted more… and it was like you read my thoughts at that instant… cos you caught me by surprise with a slight growl and a quick grab of my flesh between your teeth! “Ouch”, I squealed . I felt your body tensing and that momentary guilty pause… but I egged you on. This could not stop… not now! I felt your smile on my skin, and then, a series of delicate kisses, just to make up for the last one.

You curled your palm around the nape of my neck. Your hands. They made me feel so safe, yet exposed. I couldn’t help but succumb to those unspoken commands. The other one slid down the length of my curvy frame, and settled down on the fleshiest part of my hip! Love handles, they call them. Somehow, even the slightest touch there made me giggle… albeit silently! ;)

I let you take your time on my neck, cos I knew that the best was yet to come. When you had your fill, you’d slowly make your way to my lips, who had been anxiously waiting their turn. And they were doing a number of their own… biting to stifle the moans that were a natural reaction to your touch. Yet, some slipped away and reached your ears, and I noticed how your passion intensified after that! It gave me pleasure to give you pleasure. My delicate moans, your jagged breathing! I completely lost track of myself, where I was! But all I could think about was the impending kiss… my eyes still closed, yet I could feel it. Finally. The moment I’d been waiting for. It was pure ecstasy, as you tugged at my lower lip and sucked on it, taking delight in my strawberry-glossed lips. They parted just for you, and you wasted no time in devouring them. I don’t know how long that lasted for… all I remember was taking a deep, long breath as soon as you set them free!

I finally opened my eyes, and caught you staring at me, enamoured by my aroused state. For a brief moment, you glanced at those lips you just seared your name into. I stared back at yours. They were red. Were mine too? Mine were throbbing. Were yours too? We gazed at each other, amazed at how we lost ourselves in the moment! How long did that last? Were we still on the terrace of the Kala Ghoda Art Gallery, with traffic and people possibly enjoying an art show of a different kind? Did this just happen? Did I really do that? Was this really our first intimate moment?

Your gaze melted my heart, and I just wanted you to grab me and do that all over again. I could do this as long my heart kept beating. Was I really feeling this? I didn’t know what to say. You took my face in your hands, and planted a gentle kiss on my forehead and said, “thank you!”. I let your hands envelop me, and sunk into the warm hug you offered me. I took it all in, all of you…your beautiful body. Your unforgettable scent. Your heart beating right out of your chest. And locked it away in a treasure trove of memories that even time couldn’t take away!

Thank you for crafting a beautiful poem on my body, and etching my soul with a haunting memory of our first kiss. I think I’m beautifully ruined, forever. (And I’m not complaining ;)

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9 thoughts on “A kiss to build a dream on!

  1. The post hooks you on from the first line.
    You write straight from the heart and that reflects in your flow.
    Its both tender and rough. soothing and edgy and I dont know how you mange that.

    Its poetic in the beginning, like you are savouring the moment and then you get lost in whats happening between your bodies and you sexily forget bout the poetry and its just about the raw sensuality. His hands and your lips.
    I love this post.
    Keep writing more erotica.

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