Crazy, Love?

I find relief in your crazy mood swings. They reassure me that you’re still thinking of me, even when you don’t want to talk to me. And when you finally break that silence, I know those words have been rehearsed over a million times in your head. And that you couldn’t wait to tell me all the inane, mundane things about your day… That no one else would be interested in.

I find comfort in the one word answers you give me… knowing well enough that you’d tell me to shut the fuck up when I begin to bore you. Knowing well enough that you probably never would actually say it, or would never need to. Cos I’d probably understand it anyway.

I love how anxious you get when you see me online, yet we are not pinging each other. Each of us waiting for the other to initiate a conversation. I can see you twiddling your thumbs, trying to think of something smart or funny to get started. And then, you decide against it. (Did you know the same thing happened on the other end too ;)

I love how random you are, and blurt out almost anything that’s going on in your mind, knowing well enough that you won’t be judged. I love how similar we are, yet poles apart. I love how your words tend to transport me into another world… making me oblivious of my surroundings.

I love this side of love, and all that it does to me. Anybody is capable of compliments, hugs, kisses, and everything mushy. But only those that are comfortable enough with this side of love, are capable of true love. A crazy kinda love.


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