A Letter To Myself

A Letter to myself.
My current self.
My current 28 year old self.

Dear Lucille,

It seems like you’ve gone and done it again. It’s like you never learn, isn’t it?
Your experiences don’t count, you don’t play safe at all?

Why do you trust so easily? Why?
Why do you believe that the world is filled with nice people,
who will never break your heart?

Why is it so easy for you to say those 3 precious words – “I TRUST YOU!”

Your heart has been broken so many times before, that I’ve seriously lost count.
You mourn about it, you victimize yourself, you sulk and beat yourself up real bad over it.
You do everything, except learn from it.

Wasn’t there that nagging feeling that you don’t trust him?
You ignored that, right?

Hmmmm. this is a common case of ‘disconnected from reality’
Time to give you a dose of that soon (reality, of course.)

Who can you trust then, you ask me?
I won’t say no one. THAT is unrealistic.

But I can tell you this, reserve the amount of trust you put in people,
so that when the person who truly deserves your trust comes along,
you won’t break his heart by not trusting him – and thus, put an end to this vicious cycle.

Your wounds will heal,
but let your scars remind you to be realistic in your expectations.

The less you expect, lesser the disappointment when it does not happen.

I’ve got my eyes on you.
don’t forget what I just told you!


The past (& future) Lucille :)



5 thoughts on “A Letter To Myself

  1. i have always and will always know you as a person with the most open heart. you are a giver, a generous soul and those qualities are rare. its easy for people to change our perception about us. make us feel belittled for the hot mess we are. lucy, trust is not a problem. i am grabbing you by both your arms, looking at you hard and requesting you to not change. you got that?

  2. Hey Anupam, did this post really inspire you to put down your thoughts?! Wow!
    I did read it, and it made sense.
    But what I really appreciated is one fellow blogger reaching out to another via a medium/ the only way he knows best – through writing

    Thank you :)

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