A Letter To Myself

A Letter to myself.
My current self.
My current 28 year old self.

Dear Lucille,

It seems like you’ve gone and done it again. It’s like you never learn, isn’t it?
Your experiences don’t count, you don’t play safe at all?

Why do you trust so easily? Why?
Why do you believe that the world is filled with nice people,
who will never break your heart?

Why is it so easy for you to say those 3 precious words – “I TRUST YOU!”

Your heart has been broken so many times before, that I’ve seriously lost count.
You mourn about it, you victimize yourself, you sulk and beat yourself up real bad over it.
You do everything, except learn from it.

Wasn’t there that nagging feeling that you don’t trust him?
You ignored that, right?

Hmmmm. this is a common case of ‘disconnected from reality’
Time to give you a dose of that soon (reality, of course.)

Who can you trust then, you ask me?
I won’t say no one. THAT is unrealistic.

But I can tell you this, reserve the amount of trust you put in people,
so that when the person who truly deserves your trust comes along,
you won’t break his heart by not trusting him – and thus, put an end to this vicious cycle.

Your wounds will heal,
but let your scars remind you to be realistic in your expectations.

The less you expect, lesser the disappointment when it does not happen.

I’ve got my eyes on you.
don’t forget what I just told you!


The past (& future) Lucille :)



Mumbai Locals pe naach gaana! * dhinka chika*

Ok, so by now, it is quite clear, to anyone who reads my blog, that I am enamored by local trains and all that goes on within the dabbas.
And believe me, the trains never fail to surprise you!

From getting chomped on like tangdi kabab (read: http://bit.ly/1biNPH0) to stopping ladies from throwing kachra out of the window, to treating the support handles like monkey bars during peak hours (dont laugh, Im really really short ok!)… and let’s not get started on  my shopping in the train… clips, earrings, horrible prawns, fruits & vegetables (yes, yes I’m a ‘train-shopping junkie, and rs 10 shopping fascinates me!)

Like in the movie Ishaqzaade, my sisters & friends have actually contemplated getting me married in a train… hahahahaha! But anyway, I’m digressing. Why I love the trains? Well, let me get back to the story about that interesting train ride!

My work hours are quite erratic, thanks to the industry I work in (advertising, for those who don’t know!) and I usually end up  taking a near-empty train from Dadar to Malad. That particular day was no different. At Bandra, I noticed a group of chakkas (transgenders) entering my compartment & occupying the last row. Generally, I’m petrified of them (don’t ask me why), but that day I couldn’t help but observe them. As soon as they settled down, one of them fished out their phones, and soon enough, item numbers were blaring. One of the more daring ones stepped up and just  started dancing. I have seen this earlier, but this time – I decided to record it. Hahahaha, I know – I sound crazy… but I know you’re gonna thank me for this video.

Things to watch out for:

1) It is a compilation of dances – the first 2 videos were shot with my headphones in. Sorryyy!

2) It was shot in HD, on my HTC One – but like an idiot – the camera was vertical – not horizontal -sorry again.

3) There is a scene when the lights go off – I did not do anything – the lights go off whenever the train approaches Andheri (frequent travellers, please back me up here)

4) The sound levels vary – watch out for the loud train horns :P

5) Watch out for the other ladies getting entertained, especially gujju aunty in purple who shares a song with them only to get rejected, and later – disapproves of one step :P

6) I did compliment them for their bindaas dancing, and Im sure they noticed me clicking this video – I just did not tell them I’d be uploading this. I hope that’s ok though ;)

So, here you go.

I love Mumbai locals, and these little moments make this city & its most trusted network of trains so charming!