I LOVE eavesdropping in local trains!

So, I’m back to blogging about my train journeys. Yeah, yeah. I absolutely love it.
Any problem? No. Good.

Anyway, I’ve realized that I’ve been travelling by Mumbai Locals since 2001 -that’s 12 years of second class journeys – with old nagging aunties, who manage you give you an entire body massage from Malad to Dadar, with their gyrating pelvises, that allows you figure out almost every inch of their body, some of them even resorting to naughty ass pinches. And their ability to pick a fight with a groggy, sleep-deprived me at even 6.30 am is commendable. Earlier, I used to enjoy it, and when I was on a 3 year break from trains… I even missed it. Now, I just ignore their rants by plugging in my headphones. La la la… nothing can disturb my morning mood if there’s good music in the background.

But there are some days where I just plug in my headphones & mute the sound. Yes, I eavesdrop in the train. And don’t tell me you don’t! It’s much better than somebody sticking their head into my newspaper & reading it along with me. At least my approach is a little more subtle, and until I don’t acknowledge their talks, I’m safe. :P

Anyway, this particular conversation did not even allow me to plug in my headphones, it was such interesting content! I was hooked almost till my stop, and just as I was about to get off, it got even more interesting. No, I got off at Dadar & moved on. If I didn’t have work, I would’ve stayed on :P

So, this lady caught my attention with her dramatic entry herself. She made such a hue & cry about the non-existent crowd entering the train at Malad (believe me, it was one of the better days!) And she stood right next to me. By the next stop, she was joined by her friend and soon enough, they got into an animated conversation about life, love and other things. I pretended to be engrossed in my phone.

They moved beyond small talk & started talking about their current reads. Lady M (stands for the lady who entered at Malad) starts telling Lady G (not gaga, Goregaon) about the Krishna novel she is reading. After a short description about the book, this is what she says, “I just lurrvveeeee Krishna (yes, Lord Krishna!!) he is sooooo hot ya, no wonder he has so many gopis around him! If I was around, I would have definitely fallen in love with him!”
I couldn’t gauge the reaction of Lady G, but I was zapped. I had to stop my jaw from falling to the floor! I closed my mouth, and pretended to look out at the ugly overhead wires & find beauty in it.

Next, she starts describing her love life, and how the guy she loved for 7 years left her for someone else, and how difficult it was for her. But now she is doing better. She still misses him, and thinks about him (Im sure she stalks him on FB). Lady M also goes on to give her friend love advice (no, really… she did. Its like heartbreak taught her everything! )

Then, Lady G gets into a philosophical mood and asks Lady M how one should figure out if it IS indeed true love. Hold your breath, and this is why I love trains, and bollywood, and romcoms, and eavesdropping!

“Guitar bajta hai…. you can feel it, you can hear it. You just know! Like a Karan Johar movie…you would just know yaar. Hehehehehe” *more giggles from the 2 of them*

At that very moment, I dug out my earphones cos I was sure they would catch me from my reactions. And guess what I see? My train pulling into Dadar Station! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I yelled in my head!

Damn it, that’s it for now.
More tales when I hear something interesting. Let’s pray that happens soon!



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