A Journey of Independence!

She began working at the age of 17.
She is turning 30 this year.

And this journey of 13 years has defined her in ways that even she did not imagine.

She wanted to start earning, so that she could help out with the finances at home.
Her dad took ill just about the time she got her second job.
And she has come a long way since then, with her father smiling down upon her.

She was always had a way with words; we would call her a sweet talker.
She could sell ice to an eskimo, and her second hand windcheater to her younger sister, for just Rs. 100/-
(gullible, wannabe school children, I tell you! :P)

After an initial stint in sales at Just Dial, she moved on to work at some of the leading call centres.
And that’s where she realized her true calling. As a Training & Quality Coach, she loved everything about her job.
And decided to pursue exactly that.

She went on to work with Leadership Management India & The MARS Hospitality Services,
and acquired immense experience working with leading clients.

Today, she is successfully her own boss.

Setting off on your own is not that easy. It requires immense hard work.
The sense of responsibility that comes with it, is equal to the freedom you enjoy.

And she manages to balance that scale perfectly well.
She pursues her passion for photography with the same dedication she has towards her business.

Street-smart. Fiercely independent. Quick thinker. Uber confident.
She has been the perfect role model for me, to spread my wings & fly.

From her I’ve learnt, that to believe in your dreams, you need to first believe in yourself.

She is my sister, Vanessa Pereira. And this is her journey of independence.

Written for the Indiblogeshwaris Ladies Independence Special Contest
in association with http://womenentrepreneursinindia.com/


4 thoughts on “A Journey of Independence!

  1. At the very outset I knew it had to be none other than

    Vanessa, hats off to her, I admire her too for taking the cudgels and supplementing the family income. Bravado Vanessa, your truly an inspiration and a role model, a force to reckon with and Lucille you are a faaaaaab writer, getting to know more about this dark horse, amazing talent, super duper, great range of vocabulary, in one word – GOOD.

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