Do Right. Inspire Right.

Kindness. Compassion.

I believe school friendships are the most genuine ones we could ever have. And uniforms played a huge role in wiping out stereotypes, discrimination & prejudices. We made friends with a single hello, and some of them do manage to last forever.

This one, unfortunately, did not last for long. But in that short while, it touched me deeply.

There was a girl who was quite reserved, and I used to hear a lot of stories about her. One of them was the common problem kids face at school – LICE.
And for that reason, she used to sit in the last row, first bench, all by herself. No one wanted to exclude her in that manner, but no one reached out to her either. She exiled herself before the girls could start teasing her about it.

I decided to walk up to her and start talking to her. But because of my bratty, prankster image, she kept her distance thinking I was up to some mischief as usual. It took me a while, but I started talking to her eventually. She began opening up to me, and I slowly realized that she wouldn’t eat anything during recess. One day, I asked her about it. Turns out she had financial problems, and tiffin was a daily struggle for her.

I started sharing my dabba with her, and she loved the cheese sandwiches my dad used to make. When I told him about her plight, he started packing an extra dabba, just for her. I was quite touched with my dad’s gesture, and I was happy to help her.

But that was short-lived. I guess she must have heard someone say something, because in just a few weeks, she asked me to stop getting her food, and soon after, she stopped talking to me altogether.

I had no choice but to respect her decision, give her some space & move on. I missed her, but I guess some people come in your life for a reason… and leave when that purpose is fulfilled. Through her, &  my dad, I learnt compassion & kindness. I learnt about giving & selflessness. I learnt to ‘Do Right’
And the legacy will continue…

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