26.07.13. This day. 8 years ago.

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A day of many learnings…
A day of irreparable scars.

A day the city drowned,
A day also when humanity rose above expectations.

A day when I celebrated my first Malhar volunteer meet.

A day I realized the importance of communication.

A day I saw the worst side of my ‘best’ friend,
And then saw the best side of my worst enemy…loneliness.

A day when I spent 24 hours disconnected from my world,
A day when I connected with a whole new world.

A day when I traveled in almost every mode of transportation…
A day that revealed a new journey for me…one that led me to discover my inner strength.

A day that saw me spending the night sleeping in a bus, among strangers.
Yet somehow, that night, their presence was strangely comforting.
We were all battling the same fears, we all had the same goal.

A day that saw me wading through chest-deep water across Mumbai.
A day that saw me almost scrambling for a morsel to eat, making me realize just what desperation and hunger really means.

A day that taught me what yearning really means….
Yearning to hear that taunt asking you to come home early….
And you finally understand the love and warmth in something you used to find annoying earlier.

A day that I could call the longest one I’ve ever lived,
One that made me aware of every minute of those 24 hours.

A day that saw women getting groped & people getting fleeced, even in adversity.
But then, it was also a day when I saw people get out of their comfort zone to throw biscuits & water our way.

A day when I heard of people dying mercilessly at the hands of Mother Nature, combined with the apathy of our government.
And then, witness an insensitive director make a love story with this day as the backdrop.

A day you’d love to hate & hate to love
Yet, you cannot deny it’s existence.

Every Mumbaikar has their own version of this day.
It’s more than just a day.
It’s a date, with those memories.
It’s a reminder of my scars.
And a celebration of humanity.

In memory of everyone who suffered that day.

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(prompt: use opposites)

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