Tring – Tring, the phone rang…

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Tring tring. The phone rang… again.

Liz knew who it was. And she did not make any attempt to answer the call.
Her husband was devouring the butter chicken she’d cooked that evening.

“Mama, uncle Don is calling you again & again. Should I answer the phone?” said her 4 year old daughter Sharon.

A flushed look crossed her face, and she glanced at her husband to gauge his reaction.
“What does he want now, at this hour?” he growled, his  eyes filled with suspicion and his voice filled with contempt.

“Errr, I don’t know… you know your brother. He must be in some problem again, or maybe he needs money for a drink” she answered nervously.

“I met him a few days ago, he seemed pretty sober to me.” he said. “And even if he did need money, since when did he start calling you up for that?”

“Well, you know how you can intimidate anyone, including your younger brother”, she replied, taking a step back.

His features softened, and he lowered his tone.
“Well, it’s time to change that.” he said, smiling at his daughter.

This time, the phone rang and before she could silence the ringtone, he answered it.
“Hi baby, you can be a real tease! I’ve been waiting forever to hear that sexy voice…… you’re the only alcohol I really need…”

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
(prompt: tring tring. the phone rang…)


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