Tring – Tring, the phone rang…

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Tring tring. The phone rang… again.

Liz knew who it was. And she did not make any attempt to answer the call.
Her husband was devouring the butter chicken she’d cooked that evening.

“Mama, uncle Don is calling you again & again. Should I answer the phone?” said her 4 year old daughter Sharon.

A flushed look crossed her face, and she glanced at her husband to gauge his reaction.
“What does he want now, at this hour?” he growled, his  eyes filled with suspicion and his voice filled with contempt.

“Errr, I don’t know… you know your brother. He must be in some problem again, or maybe he needs money for a drink” she answered nervously.

“I met him a few days ago, he seemed pretty sober to me.” he said. “And even if he did need money, since when did he start calling you up for that?”

“Well, you know how you can intimidate anyone, including your younger brother”, she replied, taking a step back.

His features softened, and he lowered his tone.
“Well, it’s time to change that.” he said, smiling at his daughter.

This time, the phone rang and before she could silence the ringtone, he answered it.
“Hi baby, you can be a real tease! I’ve been waiting forever to hear that sexy voice…… you’re the only alcohol I really need…”

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BAR BAR Din Yeh Aaye!

Ok, so that was a bad pun. But definitely a lot of fun :P
Before you jump to conclusions, I’m not celebrating the SC judgement of reopening the bars in the city.

It was my very first Indiblogeshwaris Open BAR meet (Blogger-Author Rendez-vous), where a few lucky bloggers get to gorge on awesome food & savour yummy conversations!

Despite a late night drive, a really rainy Saturday and reaching half an hour late – I did make it to the meet. Everything about it was awesome. Starting with the impromptu invite from BlogwatiGee, to the venue chosen – Chocolateria San Churro @Bandra, and most importantly – a tête-à-tête with an interesting author. Interesting, cos of the genre of novels he writes. He brings out the reality of corporate politics – something which we deal with everyday, and makes it a subject so enjoyable that one would be convinced that they are missing out if they aren’t a part of it. 

Ravi Subramanian – also known as the John Grisham of Banking – is one of the most humble authors I’ve met. There were no pretenses, no airs about him. It was almost like a group of friends decided to catch up and talks about something they loved – books!

If God was a Banker (2007) and his most recent novel – The Bankster ( 2012) are gripping & simply unputdownable. And we were all curious to know how he achieved that. So we badgered him with almost every question under the sun – about inspiration, about blogging, about writing, about errors, about publishing, about movie rights, credits & controversies. And with each question that came his way, he simply crossed his hands, leaned back and answered them all with an air of calm confidence.

With my caffeine fix, plate of salsa chips & san churros, and a really enthusiastic author-to-be Sonia Rao right next to me, it couldn’t get any better. But then it does – they bring out the sumptuous lunch & desert treats – of  which I only have memories of that delicious cookie cha cha milkshake! *sigh*

I couldn’t wait for Mr. Subramanian to wrap up his conversation & put down his lunch plate. I had a task to get to.
It was an interesting coincidence that the day I was invited to this meet, my sister got an sms from her friend to read this book – The Bankster. Apparently, he was a big fan, and he rattled off about his love for the author & all his novels, and how he wanted me to tell him (Ravi) how he felt.
And I decided to go a step ahead & ask him to write a personalized autograph for him *wish I had picked up a copy of the book for the autograph*


I might make a bookmark out of this. And yes, the coins were a fitting tribute to an awesome financial writer.

In other news, I caught with my blogger friends, giggled a whole lot, heard stories about Tiara, clicked some insane pics with my ‘really big’ camera – where my eyes are closed in almost 90% of them and shared blog links!


And then, I ended the evening by picking up a New York Cheesecake & the 7 layer dark & white chocolate cake that San Churros is famous for. An animated discussion on our favourite TV shows on the way back home made Anuradha & me forget all about where we were. Sigh, if only every Saturday was this interesting.

Thank you, Mr. Banker & Author, you made it possible for me to indulge in everything I love in one evening – coffee, chocolate, books, blogging & socializing! :)


And this blogpost, just like our meeting, would not be complete if I didn’t thank the awesome Blogwati Gee  – Vinita Bahl. I dunno about a banker, but if God was a perfectionist, he’d be famous for creating evenings like this!