Tu muskura, jahan bhi hain… tu muskura!

Happy Birthday Anshuman :*


Last week, something shocked me out of my wits. A friend, a trekking buddy – who I’ve had the privilege of trekking with just once, passed away! ON HIS BIRTHDAY! On his way to his birthday celebrations! Ironic. Tragic. Call it what you may, but the pain caused can never reversed.

How, you may ask? Bike Accident.
Must have been his fault then, you may say! NO, it wasn’t.
He wasn’t speeding, he was wearing a helmet. He wasn’t drunk. Nor was he sleepy. But a dumper truck came up behind him, ran over him causing him to bleed profusely and ultimately, succumb to his injuries.

On 20th May, his birthday did not end. Sadly, his life did. Exactly on the day he was brought into this world.

I kept wondering how his family must be dealing with this. How his gazillion friends are struggling to come to terms with…

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2 thoughts on “Tu muskura, jahan bhi hain… tu muskura!

  1. May happy lives have been cut short by the speedy dumper trucks. Is it that nothing can be done about it or the ‘chaltha hai’ attitude of everyone. Not trying to initiate a debate here but I feel it’s becoming a common trend.

    Guess life has become so cheap for everyone. Sometimes I wish I can absorb all the beauty in the world/universe before I make my exit. After I depart where do we go? Is there an afterlife or do we cease to exist? Guess it’s this ‘Question’ that keeps the human world ticking.

    Hope Anshuman had lived his life to the fullest before he was reclaimed by the universe to be a part of some other beautiful creation.

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