Only Americans feel pain?

I’ve been living in Mumbai for the past 27 years of my life. My brush with terrorism began in 1993. As an 8 year old, watching my dad shave off his french beard was an indication that something was terribly wrong. I can never forget that fear. And I was never allowed to.

Riots. Bomb blasts. Trains. Buses. Cycles. Taxis. Dighys. Hotels. Bakeries. Restaurants. CST. Dalal Street & Jewellery Markets.
You name it and we’ve seen it all.

And over the years, there is still no guarantee that I could be on my way home and not be a victim of ‘terrorism’. People love shoving the ‘resilient Mumbaikar’ angle in my face. I’m not buying that either. Cos we are not resilient. And I’m not proud in saying this, but we are all a bunch of immune assholes. Nothing really affects us anymore. NOTHING.

Not a girl getting raped on a Borivali Local. Or a mother & daughter asking for help in the middle of a busy road in Jaipur. Yes, the Delhi gangrape & Keenan Reuben cases were an exception. They sparked heated debates & protests. And then what? Does anyone know what’s happening? We still do not have a special task force in place to tackle further terrorist activities. Victims haven’t got justice/ compensation yet.

And then, there is an extremely opposite reaction. That of the west. They faced a terrorist attack in 2001 – that could match up to about half of what we have faced over the years. But they acted like the world was coming to an end. They created a ripple effect – wherein they perceived every Muslim to be a terrorist. And the movie New York (starring John Abraham) gives you a fair idea of the ordeal that people went through. They victimized themselves to no extent.

And now, the Boston attacks. Where 2 children died. 100 injured. Many more scarred. Pssshhhh! This article is really something. (read:

Trust me, I am not justifying anything or taking away anyone’s personal loss. I do condemn the attacks in US. What I can’t digest is their ‘hyperbole’ reaction. Are they the only ones affected? Why is my entire FB timeline mourning their loss? Why is the media hyping it up too?
Weren’t there bombing in Palestine / Iraq/ Afghanistan too? Violence in Kashmir? Aren’t there bad things happening all over the world, to everyone? What makes them so superior? Wasn’t there mindless killing by Bush too, following the terrorist attack in 2001?

I think they are a bunch of overacting wusses, who thought that they had eradicated any trace of terrorism with their world class security. And now, they are gonna overact even more. Some may argue that their methods helped keep the terrorists away for a good number of years. But then they have a whole lot of freaks running amok in schools, shooting innocent children. Or even gurudwaras? What about that??

While US over-reacts, India downplays the whole thing. None of them are any good.
I just want the scales to be balanced. India should borrow some of the ‘extra concern’ that America dishes out to it’s citizens.

Should be a fair world then, no?


6 thoughts on “Only Americans feel pain?

  1. Hi Lucille

    I am with you on this one. I said the 2 lives in the USA were more precious than the 100s dead or injured in the Iran quake. So many friends said that I am insensitive. Its not that at all. The amount of noise made, like you rightly said, is so crazy. Or is it that we are so blase’ about it with death and pain become so commonplace that we refuse to react. I don’t like its the latter.

    Our media too go overboard when its something to do with “Big Brother”. Shameful!

    Every life is important – we need to show the same amount of concern when a poor beggar is run over, while asleep, by some obscenely drunk celebrity or politician’s son.

    But do you think sane counsel will prevail on such matters? I think not.

  2. Thanks Jaydev, I didn’t know whether what I had written would resonate with anyone. Quite frankly, I’ve been receiving a lot of hits on this post… but no opinions. Glad to hear one finally.

    No, you’re not insensitive. I guess every other Indian would have harboured this thought.
    Of course, I do think that years of attacks on us could have made us a ‘tough’ and hence our toned down versions of protest. But even so, I think the West do tend to focus on their problems more than anything else, and magnify them. Are terrorist attacks not an issue for us? Yet they do nothing about it, issue an note of sympathy for us… and Pakistan is unruffled/ untouched by the Big Brother. But when it happens to them – its the end of the world!

    And yes, for that matter- the opposite should happen too. Why is India not concerned about so many lives lost / affected due to terrorist attacks?! Are we just another number to the government??!

  3. It is sad it is strange but it is true. People of India are much busy with their personal stand and we have no time for others and so we are suffering. We are satisfied with post candle march against all mishappenings, we should learn from past and should not forget the importance for every life or soon we will be forgotten.

      1. Can understand u, we are on a same page and there are so many who are feeling the same pain but problem is with the good people who are just avoiding.
        Thanks for writing.

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