Walk of Fame – take a bow, Zena!

It was a nice, breezy Thursday evening. A mid-week holiday, thanks to Gudi Padwa. That day also marked a milestone in our lives. And Bandra was the place to be. So with mom, sisters & friend in tow, we headed to Bandstand, just to chill out and watch the sun set over the endless horizon. My mom, a total movie buff, spotted the walk of fame, created by TV stars and decided to pose with the actors; and that had most of us in splits.

We hear a calm, sweet voice behind us, coaxing shy passerbys to click pictures with the star figures. She even told them how to pose. The signature poses of Dev Anand, Shammi Kapoor & Yash Chpra, standing next to his director’s camera.

Her name was Zena, a senior citizen – short and kind-hearted, with an infectious enthusiasm. She wasn’t associated with any ALM group, or the UTV group. She was just an avid movie lover, and decided to make our very own ‘ desi walk of fame’ as famous as its Hollywood counterpart (she beamed with pride as she said this)!

I was overwhelmed with her gesture, and wanted a pic of her – next to the stars preferably. She replied that she never clicks pics herself. As we left, she asked us to come by next month – a brand new statue was gonna be installed – that of Superstar Rajesh Khaanna.

The next time you want a piece of Bollywood nostalgia & an interesting conversation, head over to Bandstand and pose your heart out. And do give Zena a huge shout. She is the real star, shining bright on that ‘Walk of Fame’ :)


(PS: here is my mom, the ultimate drama queen in my life :P)



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