Book Review: F?@K Knows ~ Shailendra Singh

What the F?@K?!!
That’s exactly what I felt when I read this book.

There were many reasons for this reaction. To start off, the name itself was so intriguing that I had to sign up for this book review. (I did however push the deadline to submit the review due to work constraints & the author’s advice to read it one chapter at a time. Apologies, Blogadda!)

The next thing that intrigued me was the background of the author. We had common ground – ADVERTISING. And a sense of personal loss. There were many points that I identified with as I read the book, and his narrative was witty, humorous and extremely descriptive.

When I read the synopsis of this book, I told myself to get ready for another ‘self-help’ book wherein the author gives you all the gyaan that no one in his life ever paid attention to, or that he himself never followed. But right after reading the introduction to his book (read: how to read this book), I knew that this was gonna be fun!

Shailendra Singh has done a fine job of putting down his learnings, his experiences in the most humane way possible. His tone of voice throughout the book is very conversational and he treats the reader like his best friend. You don’t feel burdened with what he is telling you, the gyaan doesn’t bog you down. In fact, most often his descriptions of certain events are so vivid, he almost transports you to his memories. And you get exactly what he is trying to say. There are some moments in the book when he does go a little overboard with a few descriptions and you just wanna yell out “I get the point, move on already” – but those can be ignored.

He has cut out a few simple tasks for the reader – the F?@K It list (he will drive you mad to get this done – throughout the book), the Chi F?@K and Chi F?@K  po exercises (a must try) will make you wonder how something so inane can be so liberating! (Trust me, it is). He tells you to follow your heart throughout the book, and you will want to do just that. I’m just a few ‘F?@K its’ away from rethinking my career plan :P

There were many ‘aha’ moments in the book, and so many ‘what the F?@k’ moments too. A very good attempt for a first time writer. I am looking forward to a fiction novel from him now. That should be fun. But for now, get yourself some unconventional gyaan and F?@K Knows, you might discover a whole new world!


PS: if the answer to every question in your life is
‘F?@K Knows’, do yourself a f?@king favour & get your hands on this book! :)

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