“I Love Him Too!”

She’s probably the only one who knows the entire story. She knows how you’ll met, where you’ll met and probably even remembers the date. She must’ve even told you how to handle the first date, and the ones that followed.

She knows about your first fight, and hated the fact that he could reduce you to tears in a matter of seconds. But she also loved how easily he could win your heart back.

Sneaking away on those secret getaways, she let you use her name as an excuse to keep your dad at bay. And then there were those days, when the gushing and blushing just wouldn’t end, she listened to you patiently and recapped every conversation, analyzed every word he said, swooned over the ring he gave you.

She slowly began seeing why you love him so much, and her apprehensions dissolved! Countless sleepovers and a million conversations later, your best friend finally accepts the fact that he’s really the ONE for you. And says,
Your Best Friend Forever,



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10 thoughts on ““I Love Him Too!”

  1. Lucille these blogs just make me think so deep! get lost in your thoughts and wish never to come back to reality

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