Mumbai Locals, you’re gonna get me killed!

And today, I broke another record in my Mumbai local journeys! In a bid to get to work on time and avoid khit-pit, I placed my foot precariously on the edge on the footboard of the 9.04 Churchgate Fast. And boy, did my heart race fast! Trying to protect my new purple sling bag, purple blackberry and my very very sorry ass, I was hanging on for dear life! At first, I wanted to jump off the train but as it gathered speed.. I decided to take a chance and stay on board! The ladies tried to push their way in, and kept reassuring me that I will be ok (I guess they could read my expressions – mostly it resembled the terrified Mort in Madagascar! :P)

One of them even held on to me, and once we touched the Goregaon platform, I loosened my muscles, relaxed a bit and shoved my way into the compartment! PHEW!

Bach gaye yaar, BB status updated, concerned friends asking me to take care and just as I thought the worst is over, I get caught at Dadar station for not updating my pass! Man, I could’ve been the earliest at work, but oversmart TC with snide derision had to catch me TODAY! Time for expression change: abla nari! :P

Deed done: saste mein pat gayi! ;)

Bloody noses, monkey-hanging, nearly falling, TC catching, arm getting chewed like its tandoori – I hope my train torture is done for this life! Please, prettyy please!



10 thoughts on “Mumbai Locals, you’re gonna get me killed!

  1. Hahaha….people living outside Mumbai might think this is worst that can happen…while the Mumbaiya attitude say’s “are ye to normal hai bhai, local main travel karna roz naya experience deta hai!”
    Hope you are ready for more! :P Kidding. But don’t take such chances next time….specially with your precious life!

  2. Hahaha, that awkward moment when you think that the worst is over and you get in a worser situation…BTW i loved your line there…Time for a change in expression, abla naari ;)

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