And I love these rainy days…

There comes a moment in every Mumbaikar’s life when they think that no day is complete without cursing the scorching heat. The dreaded month of MAY is feared, and even though the weather Gods are way kinder to us than say Delhi or even Chennai… we crib, cry, whine and bitch about the Mumbai heat like as if another day is gonna kill us!

And then, the most obvious ‘conversation starters’ follows: “when will it rain ya?”/ “and not just a drizzle… it will just wet the place and then it gets back to being hot… only worsening it”/  “man, I can’t wait to go for a monsoon trek”/  “I hope it rains enough to give us another excuse to bunk work – flooding!”/ “can’t wait to take in the smell of fresh earth after the first rains” (even though all this will be forgotten once the puddles and dripping wet ladies in the second class compartment kick in, not forgetting the traffic snarls too)

But that doesn’t take away the excitement of pre-monsoon showers. In fact, ever since ‘Wake Up Sid’  I’ve found myself romancing this city even more under grey skies! The way he builds up the hype for the first showers, and the most beautiful song to go with it – Iktaara, along with scenes of driving through Mumbai to get to Marine Drive – sigh!

My earliest memories of my love-affair with this season include: ek cutting chai ki pyaali, pakoras / vada pav/ bhutta by the beach, getting drenched with my sisters on my balcony legde and dancing to rain songs (we’ve updated our database over the years – the latest ones being Adele’s ‘set fire to the rain’ / Creedence Clearwater’s ‘have you ever seen the rain’). The Mumbai rains do bring with it a certain charm. The romance is back in the air, and Im convinced that this is nature’s way of saying that everything will be ok!

And today, the weather was just perfect. My day started with my favourite breakfast (the only thing my dad ever called BREAKFAST!)  : lemon grass tea, salami, fried bananas, buttered bread, eggs sunny side up – coupled with dull skies! It rained, and how! It wasn’t the trailor, a teaser that would leave us craving for more. It was the full picture and I enjoyed it in full HD. Right from last night, the weather Gods announced the arrival of the ‘real thing’ with thunder, lightening and heavy showers. It’s here to stay, and all I can say is “I love these rainy days!”



9 thoughts on “And I love these rainy days…

  1. I may not like the rains- since my association with rain is an attached stigma reigning from London :P where it was cold and murky….
    but if by any chance i could feel even an ounce of what you experience- i too would be romancing the rains! beautifully written- almost lived it through your blog :)

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