Censor War: The Dirty Picture v/s Agneepath

How is it that  the Big Bad Ugly Villain with ugly teeth and no hair, absolutely NO hair at all – who could leave children scarred for life, is let loose on National Television during prime time television on a Sunday evening?

How is it that a movie which Sanjay Dutt himself would never like his children to see, is let off with a warning like ‘adult supervision’ and no censor cuts (not that I have heard of?)

Yet, a National-award winning actress whose movie went through 52 censor cuts was deemed as ‘dirty’ for the Indian audiences? And the picture was asked to be screened after 11 pm?!

I fail to understand the minds of the people who get to decide what is good / bad  or us. Obviously, its ok to see the crap beaten out of an obnoxious, deranged hairless psycho; but we cannot watch a fictional representation (with the necessary censor cuts) of a real life character who was probably made popular by the same set of people leading secret lives fantasizing about her!

Bhaiya, this happens only in India. Looks like this Dirty Picture has to walk down an Agneepath, for it to make the CUT for our poojya Censor Board!


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