Pain, pain… go away!

The stereo was blaring. Her eardrums were aching, her head was throbbing.
The car screens were fogged up. The heavy rains lashing the windshield with all its might, like as if it were trying to protest. The wipers were following a monotonous rhythm, clearing the rain to give her some clarity! But her vision was still blurred, thanks to the unending stream of tears. Just then, her player belted out ‘their’ song and she could not take it anymore

She’d been on the edge for over a month now, and this was the final push. She stepped on the accelerator and zoomed past anything that dared to come in her way. She’d been planning this out in her head for the last few days now, and nothing else made sense. Once she’d crossed the urban jungle, she headed straight for the adda that they called their own, a small cliff that overlooked the city. Every sentence of that song evoked memories that pierced her, puncturing her already-broken heart! She was approaching the edge of the cliff, where they had made promises for eternity… where they had watched a million sunsets and vowed that they would never let the sun go down on them!
She took a brief pause, kissed those memories goodbye, and kickstarted the engine. It drove her insane to stay away from him. And finally…the insanity drove her right over the cliff. As she fell to her death, she looked to her left and relived that deadly fall which she survived, but he didn’t! She left the steering wheel, held his hand and smiled as she heard the best part of their song!

Death didn’t do them apart. If anything, it mended her broken heart.


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