It’s that time of the Month!

Small note to the MEN of the world:

Please do not attribute our EVERY mood swing to PMS. Its obnoxious for you to blame perfectly normal bodily functions for your abnormalities! Most of the time, it is JUST YOU that pisses us off. Period. *no pun intended*

FYI, we also hate it when you pretend to know it all and give us that ‘oohhh, acha its that time! I understand’. Followed by preferential treatment, making it all the more obvious! Ugh!

Even if you get it right, admitting it to us does not help. AT ALL! And empathy makes it even worse.. Just how would you understand something like that? In fact, thanks to your assumptions.. I’ve renamed the deadly PMS as Pesky Men Syndrome !

*PS: no PMS comments will be tolerated on this post, except if its in favour of my version of the acronym :)


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