It all started with a glance…




He notices me reading my novel,
I notice him reading my expressions.

He glances by my side and watches me chat animatedly,
I glance by to steal a quick look and catch him staring at me unabashedly.

He stops by for a chat,
I turn towards my earphones and novel, grumbling under my breath about how vain he is!

He insists on chatting up,
I insist on him shutting up.

He wants to share my ipod (and thoughts),
I want to lock myself away from any impending hurt I foresee.

He wants to show me around his city,
I want to avoid any further conversation.

He asks for my number,
I wanna give him a wrong one.

He gives me a missed call immediately,
I’m dying to give this whole episode a miss.

He calls me within an hour of us going our separate ways,
I spend the next hour contemplating my actions.

The story has just begun…



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