the story continues…

He pings me on gtalk,
I try to contain my shock.

Each day, the conversations grow longer,
And my initial apprehensions get smaller.

Chats turn to smses,
Smses turn to calls

The random forwards turn to sweet emails
Playful chiding turns to sweet compliments

He talks about everything the sun
And he has me jumping over the moon

First impressions get a makeover
Lasting memories take over

Plans are made for my next visit to his city
The thought of meeting him gets me jittery

Sneaking away from obligations,
To catch up for some coffee and conversations…

One picture clicked…to keep that memory alive
Who would’ve thought I’d have to delete it to survive!

Twists and turns…a few lessons to learn.
I wouldn’t know how much my life was changing..
But the moments were definitely worth cherishing!

My mind and heart had been dragged into the battlefield
And it was hard to pick a clear winner.
The story only gets bigger…


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