Kahani mein twist…

The chats had now become compulsary,
No longer a ‘stranger’, he was more like my ‘best buddy’

Was it friendship, or a lil more?
I guess that’s something we’d never know!

He started talking about ‘her’
And how she might like him too

And although I found the ‘third person’ references juvenile,
I encouraged them only cos they made me smile!

But soon, I figured ‘she’ really did exist!
So was I just another number on his list?

At first, I was angry and hurt
And boy, how much I cursed!

But then decided that I would want to see him happy,
And so I told him to say things that would make her happy!

Sent my heart into a million shatters,
But he was ecstatic and that was what mattered!

She soon broke up with him,
For reasons sillier than the silliest goose
And I wondered if she knew what she was about to lose?!

She didn’t get him, and he didn’t get me…
If only we could put ourselves in the others’ shoes!

For a while, it seemed ok,
Until I flipped my mind one day!

Said goodbye, with no apparent reason
Never looked back for at least 3 seasons!

Wishing, hoping, praying that he thought of me,
Missing me like he said he did…missing me as much as I did!

And then one day,
All of my questions received their answers..


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