I finally got all my answers…

Did he think about me at all,
Did he miss me at all?

Was this a dream,
Did I imagine it all?

Where did the last 2 years go?
Is this the end of the show?

All those emails I typed but never sent
The 9 digits I dialled but never the tenth!

Deleted him from my phonebook, but not my head
Missed him a lot when things had to be shared

Until one day, he sent me a random mail
My heart skipped a beat, I turned a lil pale!

Anger, compassion – something evoked a reply
The conversations began again, this time I really had to try

Hmmms, oks, and aha’s
My conversation fillers were my only defenses

He was back to normal, like nothing had happened,
But life was different and he wasn’t accepting it

And when I couldn’t take it no more
I asked him about the break we had before

He admitted to the feelings but said he was confused
We talked about old times, and I was really amused.

Cos now he had a new woman by his side,
But she was only a ruse

He still loved his ex,
Or like I called her – a sorry EXcuse!

So I asked him where I fitted,
And what he intended.

He said he didn’t wanna mislead me,
I was still jus a friend

He only cleared the air,
When he said he cared.

It didn’t mean what I hoped it would,
And I realized it was time to say goodbye for good!

Cos the hoping would never end,
This story had taken a new bend!

I miss my buddy, my best friend
But with him around, this heart would never mend!

I will always wish you the very best,
And with this, my feelings are finally put to rest!



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