The little things that make a big difference…

It can make you dance with joy, or reach for the moon
It’s the little things in life, that bring the most joy to you.

Some you may notice, others may be sub conscious,
A million sweet memories, the effects will always linger.

They could be those of the universe dancing to your tunes…
Like when your iPod plays all of your favourite songs, mirroring the mood you are in and bringing a smile to your face out of nowhere!

Or when the clouds cover the blistering sun just when you need it, carrying with them the promise of sweet rain and fresh scent of the earth.

Or the time when you forgot to load the camera with a role, yet memories of the lush, green plains will always stay with you.

They could be memories of those magical moments that you would love to relive with him…like, when he turns into a kid just to connect with that doe-eyed eight-year old on the train.

Or when he fights over the silliest of things, and then tries so hard to make you smile even though he knows you’re not REALLY angry.

Or the time when he closes his eyes to pray and has a conversation with God that is so innocent, that you just wanna kiss his cheeks.

Or when you suddenly turn and catch a glimpse of him gazing lovingly at you and smiling to himself (making you wonder how long he was staring for)!

Or when you notice that birthmark on his chest peeking right outta his shirt, making him oh-so-desirable at that very moment!

Or the deep brown glistening of his eyes when the sun shines through them, which reflect the very depth of his soul – baring it only for you to see!

That coy smile he flashed, when he caught you glancing in his direction.

Or when he learned the lyrics of your favourite song, a language he did not know – and recorded it for you.

Or went to dance classes so that only HE could dance at the next party.

The sweet kisses on your forehead, followed by the tightest hug that makes you forget where you are!

Or the way he instinctively knows you are gonna cry, and even though you do not want him around, his presence is the most soothing thing you could’ve ever asked for!

When you don’t realize that you’ve spent an entire day chatting with him, and you still have so much more to talk about!

And then, there’s that time when he’s dying to go off to sleep, but still stays awake to listen to your blabber

When he says something sweet about the very thing that gives you the ‘frowns’

When he brushes that flick of hair away from your face

Yes, it can make you dance with joy, or reach for the moon…
The little things in life, these are what I live for!


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