Tu muskura, jahan bhi hain… tu muskura!

Last week, something shocked me out of my wits. A friend, a trekking buddy – who I’ve had the privilege of trekking with just once, passed away! ON HIS BIRTHDAY! On his way to his birthday celebrations! Ironic. Tragic. Call it what you may, but the pain caused can never reversed.

How, you may ask? Bike Accident.
Must have been his fault then, you may say! NO, it wasn’t.
He wasn’t speeding, he was wearing a helmet. He wasn’t drunk. Nor was he sleepy. But a dumper truck came up behind him, ran over him causing him to bleed profusely and ultimately, succumb to his injuries.

On 20th May, his birthday did not end. Sadly, his life did. Exactly on the day he was brought into this world.

I kept wondering how his family must be dealing with this. How his gazillion friends are struggling to come to terms with this loss. Like many, each day I would keep landing up on his facebook page, just to see what people are saying, wanting to comfort them – but not finding the right words to offer them any solace.

They wanted him to live forever. Who would’ve thought forever could be severed by the sharp knife of a short life.
But maybe forever is here to stay. He will stay alive in all those pleasant memories, that will remind people of the joy he brought to their lives. That will teach to enjoy every single moment, as if it were their last. Cos, that was definitely the way he lived. I’m sure if he’s reading this somewhere, he would agree that he had no regrets EVER! Well, maybe some. But he lived his life well… and would have made the rest of it seem like a lifelong party!

Got me thinking too, that life is too short to be spending it over wasted weekends, with never-ending assignments and obligations! Made me wanna revisit the trek that I took with him – to the highest peak in Maharashtra – Kalsubai! And like most other times, when Im struggling to reach the top.. to race ahead so that Im not the last, this time I will take it slow and enjoy each and every moment on the way to the peak. Basking in the journey, cherishing every smile. Cos life is bigger than winning, life is bigger than the destination – life is all about the journey! Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. And those moments, that is what Anshuman passed on to everyone around him! He has given us a million moments for us to spend our life with, and remember him in the most amazing way!

This morning, I was travelling to work and listening to this song ‘tu muskura’ and as my favourite classical part in the song played, I closed my eyes to sink deeper into the melody. As I opened my eyes, at Andheri station, I saw someone who looked just like Anshuman – and at that moment, I heard this part: “Tu muskura jahan bhi hai tu muskura, tu dhoop ki tarah badan ko choo zara.” I didn’t realize that the sun’s rays gently danced upon my face, and as I looked upon the heavens – I noticed that the sun was gleaming behind a cluster of grey clouds!

Anshuman, I hope that was you trying to send down a message, asking us to find a silver lining behind the grey clouds cast upon us! As I touch the peak of Kalsubai this time, I will remember to send up a prayer for you! Do give us an awesome sky to click that day!

Aiyo, my trek mate! I know you’re smiling wherever you are! :)


25 thoughts on “Tu muskura, jahan bhi hain… tu muskura!

  1. Thanks for this blog!! Like many of u, Anshu is dearest to me also…My regret is tht i was not there at the moment he required me most…but I m also tryin to fulfill his legacy by trying to live every moment to its fullest…but u know, it’s not always easy…firstly, not everyone’s is Anshu, and not all the frends around r lyk Anshu….

    Wud lyk 2 catch up u guys wen I m in Mumbai…

  2. Very touching…and yes, “A friend, a trekking buddy – who I’ve had the privilege of trekking with just once, passed away!” That was Ratangad trek. I still find it very hard to b’live.

  3. Nicely written…. its a very touching artical …had met him only once…at ratangad trek. a lively jovial person…its really hard to believe he is not with us…every time i see him tagged in memory pics uploaded by his friend i just hope to see a like a comment from him……hope he send the song links he used to share again…..Anshumen we are really missing you buddy …!!!!

  4. Hi, I m Puja’s friend/ cousin.. really liked your blog post in memory of Anshuman… may his soul rest in peace..

  5. Anshuman we will miss u each and every moment of our life.ANSHU tum jahaan bhi ho,tumhe shanti mile aur hamesha dosti aur pyaar ka nagma banke hamaare dilon ke aasmaan par chamakte sitaare ke samaan nazar aao.RIP my DEAR FRIEND ‘ANSHUMAN’.

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