Have you ever wondered…

  • what it would be like if you were a bird – careless & free, roaming the skies aimlessly… not bothering about money or food, or jobs & relationships and the stress attached to it!
  • how the moon looks like vanilla ice cream with the words kwality scribbled all over it(sometimes, it looks like cheese too)
  • how sometimes, casual conversations with a stranger can make it seem like you’ve known him forever?
  • that if you do have previous births, how come you are so aware of the current one and have no / slight memory of the previous ones?
  • what it would be like if you were exactly the opposite of you current self… how would you react?
  • if you met yourself and were trying to figure out what your name was… what would you assume your name was? ;)
  • how it would be if you lost your sight? have you ever tried blindfolding yourself to experience that?
  • how gravity does us a huge favour by keeping us rooted to the earth? ;)
  • how we often we take things/ people for granted and realize it until we’ve lost them?
  • how we long to grow up and earn our independence and once thats done… we wish we didn’t grow up at all?
  • how silence communicates a lot more than words?
  • how nature has so much to offer and yet, we are so caught up in this urban jungle that we are so accustomed to?
  • how it would be to abandon all of this and live a rural life?
  • what it would be like to be a princess and have your own kingdom?
  • how you look… like the REAL you! not the mirror image? ;)
  • what you would say if you saw your dream playing out exactly the same way in real life?
  • what you say to your husband on your 50th anniversary (that is – if you celebrate one together? ;)
  • what you would be doing if you were born in a different family? raised in a different country?
  • if the heavens stretch out across the skies – which part of the world was God’s favourite?
  • if hell was beneath us… would we find it if we dug enuff?
  • would we find the burning ball at the centre of the earth if we kept digging all our life?
  • that if the planets are part of galaxies… what lies beyond it all? is it jus a bottomless black pit… with these galaxies suspended in mid-air?
  • who gave us the right to uproot the jungli plants growing in a pot? what makes them bad… dont they have a right to live too?
  • what it would be like to grab a piece of a nice, fluffy cloud?
  • what it would be like to dance/jive on the marine drive sidewalk?
  • how it would be to swim right in the middle of the ocean?
  • who came up with the alphabet system and who said it should sound like the way it does?
  • if there are eras like ‘before christ’ then how did the earth come to be?
  • we all believe in the same force, call them by different religious names and then fight over that same powerful force…that should be binding us in the first place?
  • why Indians are so mesmerized by ‘foreigners’ (which mostly equal to the fair skinned)
  • why people who give money under the table are the same ones shouting anti-graft slogans at protests?
  • how people are so self-involved that they can indulge in a conversation with themselves – without noticing that  you have fallen off your chair out of sheer boredom! :P
  • how you finally realize the true meaning of a phrase once you’ve experienced it, and then go back to a memory – suddenly, it all fits, it all makes sense! :)
  • how the person you thought was your ‘whole world’ ~ only thought of you as an option in his?
  • how one hug makes all the difference, can heal without medicines, can make you feel on top of the world?

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