“Dream a little dream for me”

… in order to play out our destiny, we must read the world for hidden daily blessings”

~ Paulo Coelho

Its amazing how I’ve started believing in signs, especially after reading this author’s brilliant books! I guess I was always surrounded by them, but off late… they are so obvious, that its hard for me to miss them.
And somehow, I have always found those messages through dreams. Life saving messages mostly! The most beautiful one – till date – and one which I can never ever stop thanking the heavens for; was when I woke up to an actual nightmare! Quite ironical, aint it? Read on…
There was a time when my mom was really sick and two previous visits to the hospital (in the same year) had left her really weak! Her sugar levels kept dropping and she was afraid to even sleep…as she thought something might happen to her in her sleep. My sisters and I reassured her and finally got her to catch some sleep at 4 am. And we slept in the same room with her… here’s where my dream kicks in!
‘I saw the four of us sleeping in the exact same positions that we were actually in. It looked so real, that I thought I was awake. Anyway, I see myself suddenly jerking out of my dream and running towards my mom, and trying desperately to wake her up. She is absolutely still. My face went pale and I started shaking her up, begging her to wake up. I run to my sisters and they too get up instantly and try in vain to wake up my mom! Just as I start panicking like a maniac, I ACTUALLY jerked out of my sleep and ran to my mom ~ a mirror image of my dream which I imagined just a few seconds ago! The scene unfolded just like it did in my dream. At that time, I was too nervous, confused, scared, emotional – to think about the significance of that dream. We rushed her just in time to the hospital, the doc said that a few minutes later and she would have been in a coma or six feet under!’
I thought about it later, and the power of that dream! Had it not woken me up… I shudder to think of the consequences. Thank you for the message, God! :)
And yes, among all the different kinds of dreams I have had – action, romantic, war dreams, nightmares etc… these are the ones I treasure the most! The latest message I have received left me happy for days! :)
As the previous posts suggest, I was pining over a guy who hasn’t bothered about me in over four months. BREAKING NEWS:I couldnt care less either!!! **Well, actually I did… but shhhh, thats just between you & me! ;)**
Anyway, he did feature in my dreams, but those shall not be discussed here, for reasons best known to me ;) So, where was I ? oh yes! The message in a dream… so this could get a lil filmy, please bear with me !
For dramatic purposes, Im gonna go into a few details, since this dream kinda opened my eyes for me :)
*dream opens*
I see myself in a lovely, bright red lehenga choli, looking resplendent in my bridal avataar. (*I actually couldnt get over my own beauty*). And Im sitting right next to the holy fire, getting ready for the pheras. Ideally I should have been happy, right? Wrong! I was crying my eyes out and my make up was running across my face. I kept turning and looking at the mandap next to mine (Yes, it was a double wedding – and I was in love with the dulha in that mandap) :P He too loved me, but apparently could not marry me – for reasons best known to him. Anyway, so my pheras start and Im crying like as if Im gonna die… and he is trying to avert my gaze! Prude! Suddenly, I hear another sob… and turned to see my future husband crying too. Cos he knows Im not gonna be happy with him :( I felt really bad as I realized that the ‘wrong’ guy loves me right… and here I am… crying for the one who couldnt even fight for his ‘love’. Thats when I decide to take control of my life and focus only on my life ahead, with the man who really loves me. Dream ends with my X-Boyfriend turning red with jealousy!*
Now, some of you may think that this is way too filmyyyyy or that I have been watching too many saas-bahus dramas, but I tend to look at it as a message, the ‘SIGN’… one that made me very happy :)
Its God’s way of saying that “you dont always get what you want… when you want it!” God has his own style too, you know! He works in ways we cannot see, and he will give us what we want… just not the way in which we expect it :)So for now… im gonna get lost in this dream world of mine, cos it has given me so many things to be thankful for. Sigh.

Im getting a sign from my stomach now… time for me to grab a bite :*


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