A walk in the clouds, that’s all I’m asking for!

Even though its been quite a while now since I have trekked, all the memories attached to my previous adventures are as vivid as ever! I still remember the time when I scaled the peaks of the sausage mountains at Khandala, walking through the clouds at 5.30 am… taking in the picturesque green lawns with various shades of green. And even though I had a camera * with no role in it * I clicked the pic wanting to capture it forever. And when I realized that I did not have any pics to jog my memory about that trek, I knew that the scene I saw that day would be etched in my mind forever ! ;)

And the time when we went on the waterfall trek, the rains washed away every bit of tension/ worry from my body. Then, there’s the Mahabaleshwar trek *albeit a casual walk with family, which turned out to be quite an experience* was a walk in the clouds *literally* ;). It feels like its been ages since I reconnected with mother nature, but the experience would never leave me. For the rest of my life. And now I set out to capture many such moments and weave them in my list of memories forever. So that each time I need some comforting, all I need to do is pull out these memories from the ‘book of life’ and cling to them with all my heart ! Lush green fields, pure blue skies, fresh wateralls and an exhilarating experience *that I’ve been craving for* here I come! ;)


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