Terrorists DEAD. TERROR alive!

I decided to bring most of my blogging work on one platform, and so these are a few of my posts from 2008, when I was agitated about the 26th Nov Blasts. Reading this now feels so weird, cos everything is still the same. Four years later and that passion just died, within a year. Every year, the anniversary of the blasts is just fodder for the ‘media clowns’ in India! I do wanna revisit these blogs once in a while, to remind myself of the rage I felt back then! :|


A week after some bunch of lunatics (lured with promises of Kashmiri brides, loads of money & a place in heaven) held not only the city, but the entire nation to ransom…. as everyone watched with total shock and disbelief!

Shock… because we finally realized that we are not safe anymore…

You could be eating your favourite dish at your favourite hangout, spending quality time with loved ones.

You could be boarding a train after a hard day’s work… waiting to reach home and spend precious time with your family.

You could be stuck in traffic near the airport, just because you decided to take an alternate route to go home.

You could be traveling in a bus… just because that was the best option available.

You could be celebrating your birthday on a cruise.

You could be staying back late in office, finishing pending work.

You could be on the phone with your loved one… just a minute ago.And… terrorists could turn your life upside down.

Disbelief… because they managed to do just that!

A week later… and we have not forgotten it! Not yet. Not this time. Not ever.

Yes, we did go back to work. we did focus on new projects. We did talk about the stock markets.but our minds was on a constant ‘replay’ mode.

Traveling in the trains, yes… there were the usual fights. But amidst all that, you could sense the grief. The fear. The silence. One can imagine what is going through their mind. Cos you know…. it’s the same thing that’s in your head.

Suspicion is evident… from the way people look at others. From the way they stare at heavy luggage. From the way they observe their surroundings.

The nightmares are less frequent, but they still haunt you.

Gun in hand… in combat… shooting your colleague at point blank range.

Yes.The terrorists are dead. The terror…still alive.Scarred for life.

But maybe that’s not so bad after all. Mumbai has woken up!

And for any action to take place… the fear has to exist.

Fear + anger+ determination + guts+ willpower + hunger for justice

This is what will lead us to act out. This will help us seek answers to our never-ending questions.

This is what will help Mumbai overcome its biggest tragedy.

We will survive!


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