My heart’s burning too!

I decided to bring most of my blogging work on one platform, and so these are a few of my posts from 2008, when I was agitated about the 26th Nov Blasts. Reading this now feels so weird, cos everything is still the same. Four years later and that passion just died, within a year. Every year, the anniversary of the blasts is just fodder for the ‘media clowns’ in India! I do wanna revisit these blogs once in a while, to remind myself of the rage I felt back then! :|


MUMBAI – the city of dreams. The night of 26 / 11/ 2008 crushed the dreams of many!

The city that I so loved, that I could proudly say is a safe city – is no longer the same – after a dastardly act of cowardice brought Mumbai to halt!

My heart was burning to see our city’s heritage burning. But most importantly… it hurt to see the casual manner in which human lives could be taken away. Without batting an eyelid, without thinking twice… just shot in the head.

The city was held ransom to a bunch of young kids, who were so dedicated to completing their mission, that they would do so till their last breath. Such commitment. If only it were utilized in a positive manner.

I would like to know really what was going on in the terrorists heads? Were they just mechanical bodies with life in them… no heart, no soul, no conscience, no HUMANITY? Which religion promotes taking away human lives? Which God promises you eternal life… for taking away the life of another?What do they want? Why do they keep attacking us?

Everytime they have managed to infiltrate fear in our lives… we do just what they want us to.

We get scared. To death. We fear our lives. The lives of our near and dear ones.We make frantic calls to find out if they are safe. We cannot rest in peace till all whom we know reach home safely.

Then we shut our doors, draw the curtains are remain in our homes till we are told to stay in.And witness the horrific sights unfold on our television screen.

And then, after the ordeal is over… we emerge from our homes…ready to face the world again.

We go back to leading our lives normally. People walk the streets as if nothing had ever happened. We pride ourselves on being resilient and bouncing back with the ever-famous ‘undying Mumbaikar spirit’

The truth is that we have become so tolerant to such attacks that it almost seems natural! We have learned to accept this as a part of our daily lives. In fact, everyone salutes us for holding our head up high, in times like these.

But why should we hold our head up high, and act like it didn’t affect us. Cos we all know that it did.We would be hypocrites to deny it. We only go to work cos we have no other choice. So why pride ourselves on being resilient – when we only do it cos we are forced to?

We fear terrorists. Hence, forced to sit indoors.

Fear losing our jobs, hence – resume work immediately.

Fear of speaking against the government – hence no protests.

What about the hurt and pain each one of have experienced? When are we going to scream out in pain? When are we gonna allow ourselves to heal? Why do we keep everything bottled up inside of us? When are we gonna react? When is it the right time to say ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’

When a ‘family member’ is a victim of terrorism? Or when the government loses one of its parliamentary members?

Each day, we have to pray that we leave the house safely, and reach home safely. Is this the kind of environment we want our children to grow up in?

Its scary but its true. It is slowly but surely becoming a way of life for us Mumbaikars, and that fact that we are resilient does not really help. If anything… it can only worsen the situation.

Let us speak up now.

Let us demand for a better tomorrow. A secure tomorrow.

Let us demand for tighter security system.

Let us demand for a better intelligence system.

Let us not forget our duties and responsibilities.

We need to be more aware. We cannot just expect the nation to help us if we do not do our bit.

We need to keep a watch for unfamiliar objects, suspicious people.

We need to be awake in this hour of crisis.

Our city needs us. Our country needs us. Not our resilient spirit. But a spirit to fight against all odds.Let us join hands and stay united for our beloved city – Mumbai.

WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING STRONG AND CONSTRUCTIVE.I AM STILL SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS…STILL SEARCHING FOR A SOLUTION…but till then I request all you of you who are agitated to keep this fire burning…cos if it dies out this time… then we are truly heartless!!!

This country has taken its economic capital for about 15 yrs now! As a kid, i remember my dad shaving off his beard to save his life…jus cos he wud look like a muslim with it.

ENUFF is ENUFF! This has got to be the last of our patience!

Please speak to all who you know and try and work out a solution! Keep up the fighting spirit… Mumbai needs it NOW more than ever!


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