A ‘GATEWAY’ to heaven!

I decided to bring most of my blogging work on one platform, and so these are a few of my posts from 2008, when I was agitated about the 26th Nov Blasts. Reading this now feels so weird, cos everything is still the same. Four years later and that passion just died, within a year. Every year, the anniversary of the blasts is just fodder for the ‘media clowns’ in India! I do wanna revisit these blogs once in a while, to remind myself of the rage I felt back then! :|


It was said it’s gonna be a ‘peace rally’, in memory of all those who lost their lives in a disgusting act of cowardice, orchestrated by some spineless b**********.

Well, solidarity was shown. Candles were lit. Peace slogans were displayed.But the fire within every Mumbaikars heart was much bigger than the little candle flames that burned.

I joined the peace march from Regal Cinema, where a huge gathering of the yosung ‘uns caught my attention.

“Pakistan chor hain…”

“Halla bol, halla bol… Pakistan par halla bol!”

“Politicians chor hain.”

“We want justice.”

“Mr. Politician, stop playing musical chairs. It’s a kids game.”

“A-chute-a-nandan – a dog-himself”

“Dogs and politicians not allowed in this rally”

“Cheap minister, we accept your resignation.”

“Government lied. Innocents died.”

“Mr. terrorist, you wanted us in numbers… we are here!”

The venom that these agitated Mumbaikars were spitting out… at the system, at the politicians, at the apathy, at the ‘resilience’ of Mumbai…. It could have killed the unwanted elements of our system… if they had the b**** to come for this rally!

The voice of Mumbai was present last week. This was the spirit that we have been waiting for.The crowds were restless. They were angry beyond control. If anyone were to stop them, they would bear the wrath of an angry lot. There was a mixed bag of emotions. Anger. Hurt. Pain. Disgust. Helplessness. Confusion.

We were seeking answers. We may have not found all of them. We did find something else though…At the Gateway of India. December 3rd 2008 marked a day in history.

When Mumbai converged, we found each other. The slogans were different. Different backgrounds. Different professions. Different opinions. Different experiences. Different places.

But Mumbai spoke together. Mumbai spoke as one voice. one spirit. Singing Vande Mataram together with a bunch of people I didn’t know, but definitely recognized as my fellow Mumbaikars, sent chills down my spine. Patriotism running through my veins, I knew then that Mumbai will overcome this.

And at 9:30… exactly a week after the shootout began… Mumbaikars… and by that I mean everyone who calls this city ‘home’ (included the fair-skinned) broke out into the national anthem at Café Leopold. It was definitely heartening to witness the true spirit of Mumbai.

To join hands in times of strife. To come together on a common platform. To walk towards a common goal, all the while hoping for a better tomorrow.

A ‘gateway’ to a brighter future… that was what yesterdays walk was all about!There may have not been many answers… but it was the beginning of our ‘search for answers!’Keep up the spirit MUMBAI!!


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